Knowledge in English

πŸ’— – Our deeds are our destiny. What we have done in the past is our present.

πŸ’— – The pride of the wise makes him despised. A lover’s selfless love makes him worshipful.

πŸ’— – It is the pride of a wise man that destroys him.

πŸ’— – Today’s action is your tomorrow’s future.

πŸ’— – Your brain is your most valuable asset.

πŸ’— – Before losing the opportunity, position and wealth that you have now, you should think whether it can be recovered again.  And what you get is much more valuable than the lost opportunities, position and wealth.

πŸ’— – A calm mind provides clear thinking. Good thinking gives good invention.

πŸ’— – When hypocrites’ interests are undermined, they become angry.